Vocaloid is music software from Japan which simulates a human singer.

What’s this page for, then?

This site is dedicated to the Vocaloid known as IA, and I intend for it to serve as an English discography of her work. Most of this is for my own reference, so I have the ability to look up all of her music easily, but I hope other people will find this site useful!

IA?! Like Lovecraft and Cthulhu?

No relation! IA is a Vocaloid based off of Lia, a former singer from I’ve Sound most renowned for the popular theme of AIR, Tori no Uta. She is developed by 1st PLACE and was released on 1/27/2012. The IA Project homepage was announced on 3/30/2012!

Why is this software drawn like a girl?

Because it’s easier to relate to them that way! No, seriously.

Who makes all these songs?

The vast majority of them are uploaded to Niconico Douga, which is the Japanese equivalent of YouTube and has thriving Vocaloid communities. There are occasional tracks native to YouTube and Piapro as well!

Hey — something is wrong on one of the pages and you need to fix it right now!

Oh no! Please let me know what’s wrong so I can change it.

I can speak Japanese! Where do I go?

Show some love for IA on Twitter!

All of the artist pages have links to Twitter accounts, Piapro pages, and Niconico Douga Mylists as well, so check them out!

Where’d that background image come from?

The picture is from Pixiv by Yawara!

What are your favorite IA songs?

I made a recommendations page for all the songs!